J-LYNN Entertainment has long term plans in regards to the “Shadow Cat” series and for Video Game Comics in general. Shortly after we launch the website and the “Adventures of Shadow Cat” series we’ll launch the “Shadow Cat and the Shadow Force” series introducing new characters and takes place further along in the Shadow Cat story. 

After seeing what story lines and games from what Video Game Comics people like the best. We have the core components to make a full fledged mobile game or downloadable game. We’ll take the best core game mechanics and storylines that fans read and play. Then refine them to make a great mobile game with a solid story that Shadow Cat fans will love. 

Around this time we would like to have launched a second team that produces Video Game Comics for publishers like Marvel, DC Comics, and Image Comics. By this time we’ll have the capabilities to bring a fantastic experience of Video Game Comics to their franchises as well.  

If the Shadow Cat franchise continues to grow we will launch the original intellectual property that Shadow Cat was derived from “Max the Cat and Friends™.” This series will be geared towards little kids staring Max the Cat, his friend and genetically engineered genius Mike the Snake, Max’s nephew P.J., Muppy the Puppy, and other various animal characters. The website will have various activities such as goofy stories, animations, video game books (patent pending), fun games, educational games, and the same type of online store like the Shadow Cat site where kids gain points “Max Tickets™” for playing games and doing activities and cashing those in towards prizes. Then after that website is launched, hopefully the franchise will continue to grow and there will be other Shadow Cat and Max the Cat toys, video game, TV shows, and movies as well.