Our Discovery:

When we took our patent pending Video Game Comics to the public for market testing at comic book conventions we had a surprise. Teachers and parents mentioning that our product would be great for their child or student with autism. Not being specialist in neuropsychiatric disorders we were dumb founded. So we started to do some research into autism spectrum disorders and found that our Video Game Comics were perfect for various ways of cognitive training, performance data, and research for autism spectrum disorders.


We are now in the planning stages for starting development on Video Game Comics for Autism. We sought out some of the best autism researchers and therapist pitched them our plan and asked for their help in helping us research and better design Video Game Comics to benefit children, teens, and adults with autism spectrum disorders. They shared our view that Video Game Comics for Autism would be a excellent product for people with autism spectrum disorders and a great tool for autism therapist and researchers. We are in the early stages of development and hope to start full development beginning next year. Please check this site and follow us on Twitter for updates.

Our research partners from these following organizations: